Hello and welcome! My name is Dr. Teng Xiong. I received my Doctorate of Chiropractic from Sherman College of Chiropractic in South Carolina. I also hold a Ph.D. in management and prior to becoming a chiropractor, I worked in the technology industry as a software developer. I am often asked why I left the corporate world to become a chiropractor:

My decision to become a chiropractor was purely emotional — several years back, my family suffered a health crisis. We acted upon the trusted advices of several healthcare professionals. Frustrated with being bounced around from doctor to doctor, we decided to give chiropractic a chance. To my surprise, it worked! I was so impressed that I decided to become a chiropractor so I can forward the same gift to others.

As to whether I like being a chiropractor…I cannot imagine anything more fulfilling than being able to help a couple finally conceive, have a father tell me that his back no longer hurts and can now toss a ball with his son, or seeing permanent improvement in patients by addressing the root cause.

Having experienced the frustration and sometimes hopelessness from a patient’s perspective, my approach to care is common sense – I treat patients with compassion, integrity, and as family. Every patient deserves a thorough examination and should be educated truthfully about their condition. Time should not be a factor when answering patient questions.